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Dear Cousin Gary,

You really have done a bang up job on "Roots" for the Cliser clan. Maybe we will be related to the nobility, then again, maybe to a few horse thieves. You asked about this Samuel D. Cliser from Sperryville, Va. He was as far as I can figure was my great grandfather Martin Mathias Cliser's brother. Martin is your great grandfather. My dad, Elmer and your grandad Jett were born on top of the mounatin between Luray and Sperryville. Luray is in Page County and Sperryville is in Rappahannock County. Samuel had two sons, Ernest and Melanchton Cliser. Ernest did live in Chicago and he had found out about the Missouri Clizer's because his niece Merle Cliser Fox in Luray told me he was in a rest home around Kansas City. Merle is Melanchton Cliser's daughter. She as far as I know still lives in Luray. She is Bergie Fox's wife. During the 1933 Worlds Fair, I visited Ernest in Chicago. He was a widower. He worked on the Great Northern railroad as a brakeman. I think the last time I saw him was in 1935. Now Ambrose Cliser and Melanchton Cliser are buried at the Salem Churchyard in Luray.
Edward Bowen, whose mother was Mattie Cliser, the daughter of Ambrose Cliser who was a brother to Martin and Samuel lives across from the Salem church in Luray. Merle and Edward Bowen and Edwards sister are the only Cliser descendants around Luray, and even Page county for that matter, as far as I know. Well wish you a happy holiday and a healthful New Year.

Your Cousin, Robert M. Cliser