LETTER from CHARLES B. CLIZER - 11-25-1979

Dear Gary,

About three weeks ago Merilyn and i were in Luray, Virginia and had the pleasure (and thrill) of seeing some of the relatives.

Ed Bowen and his son Charles E. Bowen are in real estate there and Merle Fox is there also. Her husband is deceased but her mother Carrie who is a Cliser is living with her. Her mothers age is now 94. Aside from her the family name has disappeared from the scene.

Ed and Merle and now Charles E. are probably the only ones in Luray to know the location of the graves of Mathias and Barbara Klizer. Ed took us there with the help of Charles E. who had a 4 wheel drive panel. We had to walk about 1/3 mile from the road to the grave sites which are in a field above the Shenandoah Valley and in a beautiful setting next to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Luray is a friendly town and is the county seat of page County. We stayed there two days and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was amazed that Charles Bowen had never seen the graves until his father went with us recently. The graves would be his great-great-great grandparents. They are great-great grandparents of Ed, Merle and myself.

Recently I have been corresponding with Herbert and Norma Clizer of Missouri and hope to see them next year.

I learned that some of our relatives are buried in the Shenandoah National Park. Merle Fox and Ed Bowen are probably the only ones to know where and Charles Bowen is going to embark on a project of probably locating them and will send us details.

I know all this would be most interesting to you if you had the chance to visit Luray, because the people there are from martin's line. The other's migrated elsewhere including my line (John Clizer) who went to Missouri.

Also there are two Cliser's living in Washington DC, but I don't know the line and I didn't have time to contact them. I'll try that another time. They are Melvin M. Cliser and James O. Cliser of Wheaton, MD.

As I get some pictures which would be of interest to you, I'll send copies to you.

Best regards,

Charles Clizer