LETTER from GEORGE KLEISER - 4-22-1980

George Kleiser
15 Tuscarora Rd.
Willowdale, Ontario, CAN
M2H 2K4

Dear Mister Cliser,

Thank you for your letter and the additional information.

Attached you will find some material on the family:

"KLEISER von KLEISHEIM" (Urah Prov. of Baden)

Joseph Kleiser was raised to nobility in 1796 and was given the title "von Kleisheim"

Kleisheim is not the name of a community, it was just made up as a Title as was customary at the time. With this Title he was granted a Coat of Arms and is to my knowledge the only Kleiser ever titled.

According to the best German record books of the nobility of Germany, the family is probably extinct in USA.

August Alfred Kleiser immigrated circa 1863 to the United States. Pictured on right. He married 3-12-1866 to Lizzie Theophile and lived in Martinsburg, Virginia. They had three children:

1. August Albert Kleiser, born 2-16-1867 in Woodridefarm, Martinsburg, VA.
2. Emma Dora Kleiser, born 8-8-1868 in Woodridefarm, Martinsburg, VA.
3. Lizzie Lila Kleiser, born 6-22-1870.

There are many families with the name Kleiser in Germany, Austria and Switzerland unrelated to each other. Names also change over the centuries because of the different dialects spoken in Germany and other countries.

My own name was spelled in deifferent ways: GLEISER, CLEUSER, KLAUSEN, von KLAUSEN

Best Regards,

George Kleiser