LETTER from CHARLES B. CLIZER - 2-25-1979

Charles B. Clizer
1206 Pleasant
Walla Walla, Washington 99362

Dear Gary,

I have been long overdue in answering your letter from Christmas time. We had our four children home at Christmas and it was a busy time. Since then I have been very busy with personnel cases and school activities. I am Assistant Sup't of schools in Walla Walla. Prior to coming here I was Sup't of schools for seven years in Dayton, Wa.

I am enclosing some material which may be of interest to you, the information I have doesn't go back as far as yours, probably because our information shows John Edward Clizer being born in Germany around 1795. I would be interested in filling the 'blanks' between John Edward Clizer and Mathias Cliser in your letter.

For you information, I see Gary Clizer and family once in awhile in Coeur d'Alene and his mother and father who live in Spokane.

My father, Charles B. Clizer was named after an uncle of the same name as you can see. My grandfather Benjamin F. Clizer homesteaded near Latah, Wa. He and my grandmother both died before my father Charles B. Clizer married my mother Katherine Power. So you can see I am at least 3rd to bear the name of Charles. My mother is still living in Tekoa, Wa. all of my father's brothers and sisters have now died. The last one to die was Christia who was of the age of 92.

Thanks for your good letter and I hope to hear from you.

Best Regards,