Dear Gary,

I mailed your material for the book and failed to tell you that Mrs. Ina Jane Bowen Shenk furnished a good portion of it. She is also the daughter of Charles Bowen and Martha Elizabeth (Mattie) Cliser Bowen and lives on Rt 4 in Luray. You may want to thank her for providing the information. She is a sister to Edward Bowen. Pictured (L-R) Ina Jane Shenk and Merle Fox on Ina Janes front porch in Luray, 1979.

You may not want all the material I sent, but use what you need. I enclosed my dads school certificates as he was a School Teacher and was a very dedicated person.

I have a number of park clippings concerning the eviction that took place, also my mother (Carrie Batman Cliser) have been interviewed concerning this. I feel sure that you are not interested in this for your book, but am just throwing this out to you as it was ridiculous the way they treated those living in the park, and not paying for the land what it was worth, as it would bring a fortune now. I wish we could bring suit against them yet, as the Governor I believe stopped them from condemming the property anymore. Anyway there was an article in the paper that it had to be stopped, it was certainly unconstitutional. My Father was handcuffed and led from our mountain home reciting the Star Spangled Banner (as he could not sing), they were officers in plain clothes.

Well Gary, I trust that the material I sent will be of interest to you, if there is anything you do not understand, please let me know.


Merle B. Fox.