Even though this project started in the late 1970's and was going to become a published printed piece- I need to apologize that the printed version did not happen. Even though the printed pages were in boxes in storage, they eventually got water damaged and could not be salvaged. I did, however, keep a separate master book as well as kept all the original photographs in a separate file. After compiling this web site, I realized how appropriate this medium is as opposed to a printed book. All the photographs have been sent them back to the rightful owners. In addition, if you have family photographs that you'd like to share or be posted here, please scan and email to me as well.

I would like to pay special tribue to those who have so generously and willingly assisted in gathering data for this family history, otherwise it could not have been accomplished, in saying so I realize that many have already passed on...

Lela Jacklin, Spokane, Washington
Wayne and Sarah Potter, Lovettsville, Virginia
Mildred Witt Thomas, St. Joseph, Missouri
Lucille Grills, Spokane, Washington
Robert Martin Cliser, Wheeling, West Virginia
Herb and Norma Clizer, Savannah, Missouri
Merle Cliser Fox, Luray, Virginia
Paul Kleiser, Munich, Germany
Ina Jane Shenk, Luray, Virginia
Synnove Kildal, Oslo, Norway
George Kleiser, Ontario, Canada
James Matsen, New London, Pennsylvannia
Harry Kleiser, Maple Valley, Washington

I know time marches on and we're not here forever in this life, as far as updates, they will eventually cease - however I hope my efforts may not have been in vain, and that this work may receive your approval and support.  Gary -