Herb & Norma Clizer

Savannah, Mo

Dear Gary,

It was a real thrill to receive your letter and to realize that we probably have common ancestors. No one here has ever done any research into the family history except for the part of the family that lived on our family farm since pre-civil war days. Herb and I lived on this farm in 1950 when we were first married, and my interest' in antiques lead me to explore old trunks of school books and letters. I found some marvelous letters from Samuel Cliser of Virginia from 1867 and John E. Clizer from Washington. I am sending copies of the two that may interest you.
We still have the old Clizer Family cemetery on the hill behind the location of the log house. It's not in good shape - one reason is because of the roots from the evergreen trees that were brought back from Virginia to be planted there, (this information on the trees was in a letter). My husbands grandfathers' (Herman Clizer, 1880-1922) grave was moved into Savannah when his wife died about 10 years ago. I am an only child and Herb and I and the youngest children live on my family farm one mile north of Savannah, it is only 108 acres, but land is worth $1000 per acre more or less in the location.
The Clizer's farm is 180 acres and is eight miles west of us. Herb helps dad Ken oversee the crops and the 120 head of cows and calves, although he has this farm to see and a full time job at the co-op in Savannah. Herb is also president of the Board of Education of our county's school district and Chairman of the Board of the Savannah United Methodist Church. He is carrying the traditions of the Clizer family to be involved with education and church. As far as I know, Clizer's have not been involved in politics.
Last year Herb's brother, Herold bought the farm to keep it in the family a while longer although he has no children, he is vice president of Wilson's Meat Company in Oklahoma City. Herold, Herb and I graduated from the university of Missouri. Our son Gregg is there now studying engineering. Our two older daughters, Linda and Denise are teachers. Kevin is in the 7th grade - a good student-athlete, and the first hunter we have had in the family. I've learned to fix all sorts of game.
I substitute teach several days a week, but except for the first year we were married, I have never worked full time. That year I taught 7 students in the country school house at the end of our lane that Joshua Clizer had help build. The next year I found Herb as a second Lt. in Korea.
Kenneth and Iva Mae Clizer did live a mile from the farm on the highway, but now have a lovely house in Savannah. No one has lived on the farm for close to 10 years - many houses nearby are vacant too as farms are merged together and people are afraid to be very isolated as they grow older.
I'll give you more information from the gravestones and look forward to hearing more about your family and you. For some reason I thought you were in your 70's - so nice to know you are the age of our children and interested in all this.

Sincerely, Herb and Norma Clizer