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Subject: A letter from Norway - The Kleiser family in Norway and Germany, Europe

It was nice reading your website. One of the first Kleisers in the USA I think was my grandmothers grandfathers brother Georg Kleiser. His brother was Heinrich Kleiser an emigrated German Watchmaker who came to Norway in the 1820s. George went on to the USA and a third brother settled down in St. Peterburg in Russia.
As you mention at your website my aunt Synnove Kildal who died some years ago, mentioned this in a letter to you. Her information to you is very accurate because she did a lot of ancestry research in her lifetime both in her profession and private.

I have some photos of the Kleiser family in Norway that is George Kleisers brother Heinrich and his ancestors in Norway which I will enclose in this email. The first photo is from about 1875 and shows Heinrich and his wife Caroline (to the right of Heinrich) and the wife sister and her daughters in behind at a medieval ruin place on one of the small Islands in the Harbour of the City of Oslo, Norway, Europe.

The second photo is of his grandson the Norwegian-American Artist Lorentz Kleiser (1879-1963) an oil painting in my possession, painted by his fellow student Gustav Stamnes at the Norwegian Art Academy about 1896.

The third photo is of Heinrich Kleisers son Gustav Lorentz Kleiser. The photo shows Gustav Lorentz Kleiser, his wife Caroline. (The photo was taken in Elgin Illinois, USA in about 1884.) Their children from the left:Ragna Karoline (emigrated to Canada), on her fathers lap Nelly Henriette Kleiser, between his parents, Lorentz Kleiser (Norwegian-American artist of paintings, carpets and tapestries 1879-1963) and to the right by her mother, my grandmother Josephine Marie Kleiser born 1880.
The whole family lived at this time in Elgin Illinois, USA maybe because the father Gustav Lorentz Kleiser worked at the clock production factories there or had some business going on there at that time.

The last photo is of Heinrich Kleisers son Gustav Lorentz as mentioned above and this photo is taken in Oslo, Norway maybe after 1900.

Heinrich Kleisers grandson Lorentz Kleiser born 1879 emigrated to the USA in 1900 and lived his entire life there until he died in 1963 at Edgewater, New Jersey, USA. He was a painter and an artist and made oil paintings, carpets and artistic tapestries in New Jersey and elsewhere in his lifetime.

If it is of interest you can get more information of the Norwegian Kleisers later because I have some ancestry records of them here.

I hope this letter is of interest to you even if it is the European Kleisers that inform you about.


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